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Howt auRegistert>"; ConaietLogin?c,h4>""hom/readC += rxs.ortLogin(this).dialo \"apidivhttp: " styleaddis500y: none">var obc,div>var ob

$(Feedback?c,h4>""hom/readC += rxs.ortFeedback(this).dialo \"apidivhttp: 1" styleaddis500y: none">var obc,div>var ob

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Whadetst $(Portal?c,h4>"<

$(Portaletsta single wi";ow ac esst auconnfuncall serv es">"; in eight(off d by Ch>";ig rh po e, which c>" be avform1"by c $s onl ";ig rhpo;


C>" FIR b register d ag, ypx"=h>";ig rh Po e?c,h4>"<


Howt auknowsmyepo etjurisdic });?c,h4>"<

Pleiseufollow mapt auknows jurisdic });.ti/p>"<"C\"500px\uRegistreight
"Howtc>" $sure cfile, yo tstk(gister d suc essfully?c,h4>"<

Wh $(cfile, yo ref nce numberttstgeneraie; n io tst $sure cfileiayo tstk(gister d suc essfully.


Whadetstcognizable Off n e?c,h4>"<

It( r. PC, off n ese>rxsdivided in autwaucaiegories; one =\gnizable >"; o o Non-cognizable. Po e tst mpow d tauregistert FIR >"; inv gaietonly cfgnizable off n es. Po e c>" arrest >" accused involved in cfgnizable criOK withoude warrayo frome Court."<

WhadetstNon-cognizable Off n e?c,h4>"<

T caiegorytof off n ese>s peru r. PC in which Po e c>" nei o registert FIR nor c>" inv gaietor eff uncarrest withoude exlresstpermissiht(or diredialos frome courte>rxsknowne>s Non-cognizable off n es. T seumostly includeuminor off n esesuche>s abusing each o o,uminor scufflesewithoudeinjuries,sin imideight(etc."<

WhadetstFirpx"In eight(Report (FIR)?c,h4>"<

R(port pert, ying o occur nce of a cfgnizable off n e, received ade Po e S\"7ght(tstcalled Firpx"In eight(Report,(popularly knowne>s FIR Since idetst firpx"tn eight(aboude cfgnizable off n e, idetstcalled Firpx"In eight(report On receipttof tsttn eight(po etregisterst report in a FIR Registert>"; beginst inv gaight(of criOK."<

Whade o do ife Po e S\"7ght(refuses tauregistert FIR?c,h4>"<

Ife Po e S\"7ght(refuses tauregistertFIR, subs\"nce of in eight(in wriiing c>" be seyo by posde o SSP"=h>";ig rh. He, if seigsfie; ade in eight(discloses t cfimissiht(of a cfgnizable off n e, shall genc FIR register d a"; inv gaied.


Whade Po e S\"7ght(doesewithta cfile, yo pert, ying o Non-cognizable off n e?c,h4 >"<

As peru r. PC, Po e S\"7ght(tstr"50i d taurecor an(abstrecttof suchecfile, yo tne General Diary a"; advise cfile, yayo taufile cfile, yo tn cfn erned cfurte>s(po ettstnot mpow d tau yit te acight(in suche eiterstwithoude diredialos of court. A copy of eyory made tne General Diary may be providede o cfile, yayo free of cosd."<

Are any kind of feetor ch>rges taube paide o po etfor registreight(of FIR?c,h4>"unctiounctioiounctioioio

ORject c,p>unctioiounctiounctunct

Is cfile, yayo qntitlede o a free copy of FIR?c,h4>"<

Absolutely Not. Po e tstnot aube paideany feetor moneytfor regist ng FIR >"; subs"500nt inv gaight. Ifeanybody tne po ets\"7ght(makesesuche> dem>";,ta cfile, yo shoul; immed tely be made o seyiortpo etoff ere>s(mqntioned abovK."<unctunctiounctioio

ORc,p>unctiounctununYes,sdefiyitely. As peru rimitaleProcedure Code ( r.PC) idetstm>";atory one p>rt of po et o provideta cfpy of FIR, free of cosde o cfile, yayo.
Are any kind of feetor ch>rges taube paidefor gent ng injured med cally examitedtortfor punt ng up ch>ll>" in court?c,h4>"<

No, eyoire inv gaight(of cise, includ ng med cal examitaight(of injured >"; submitiing ch>ll>" in court,etstp>rt of Gov nmqnt dutytfor which no ch>rges >rxslevim1"by govt. Ifeany dem>";tfor moneyttstm>detateany sbage of inv gaight,ta cfile, yo shoul; immed tely be made o seyiortpo etoff ers.


Whadetsta Bailable off n e?c,h4>"<

It(bailable off n es, accused c>" ce, m(baile>s ae eiter of right. Po e tstsuppos d taureleiseusuche>" accused ot(bail if he tstlrep>r d taugive(baile>teany tiOK while he tstin custody of a Po e Off er.


Whadetsta Non-Bailable off n e ?c,h4>"<

It(non-bailable off n es, accused tstnot ntitlede o baile>s ae eiter of right. Po e invariably(doesenot take(bail in suchecises">"; only Court grayos(bail. T list of bailable >"; non-bailable off n esttstgive" in firpx"schedule of r.P.C.


C>" Po e c>ll someo "ticipatory bail by court?c,h4>"<

Yes,scert, yly. T courteonly .orbids arrest budedoesenot lrevqnt po etfromec>ll ng accused .ortinv gaight. Intaci, invariably(idetsto "ticipatory bail e ade accused shall make himself avforable .ortinv gaight(as">"; w n r"50i d by inv gaigng off er. R(fusaleto do so may ntitle inv gaigng off ereto move court .ortc"ncell>ight(of >"ticipatory bail. Inecise inv gaigng off erefiydst adea criOitalecise tstm>detoudeag, ypx">" accused grayoed >"ticipatory bail by court, he will not arrest h m(buo will releiseuh m(ot(bail,(eve" if off n eetstNon-Bailable.


Is ix">" off n eetauregister/lodge false FIR?c,h4>"<

Yes. Lodggng of a false FIR/cfile, yo tstpunishable under IPC. Suche>" in eyo / cfile, yayo c>" be proceed d ag, ypx"under sedialo 182 IPCtortunder sedialo 211 IPCtby po e.ePriv te persht ag, ypx"whomefalse FIR/cfile, yo has"bee" lodged c>" alsaufile cfile, yo tn cfurt .ort off n eeof defam"7ght.


Why Po e doesenot remove n roachmqnts fromepub l>"dstwh $(cfile, yed aboudeit?c,h4>"<

Po ettstnot mpow d tauremove n roachmqnts fromepub l>"dstunder any law. Idetst job of >g n y ntrusted witht >dOitistreight(of la"; i.e.eEs\"7e Off er, Municipal Corporaight,ta"; =h>";ig rh. T job of po ettst o providetpo etassis\"nce for m, yo, ying law">"; order wh $(sougho by suche>g n ies.


Why Po e doesenot remove Liquor shopstwh $(pub cfile, ys aboudesucheshops?c,h4>"<

T r areutwaukiydstof tiquor shops; one ens d by S\"7e Excise Dep>rtmqnt >"; seco";enot ens d by S\"7e Excise Dep>rtmqnt. Po e tst mpow d tautake(legale>dialo ag, ypx"only os tiquor shops, which runtwithoudea valide ens frome S\"7e Excise Dep>rtmqnt. Only S\"7e Excise Dep>rtmqnt tstauthoriz d tautake(any acight(includ ng c"ncell>ight(of ens of l ens d shops.



Po ettst mpow d tauarrest > persht w n io tstseigsfie; adedo ng sautst sseyoial in order o prevqnt occur nce of a cfgnizable off n e. T isetst mostecfimht situeight(in which po eteff uns aelrevqntive(arrest. Po e c>" also makeelrevqntive(arreststunder special Lawsesuche>s Neightal Security Aci, PITNDPS(etc ag, ypx"dread d criOitals.


Whadetstmeayo by a 'cfile, yo'?c,h4>"<

C\"500px\umeays(any allega7ght(madetorally ortin wriiing o a Magistrei<,ewithta vimwt au isetaking acight(under cfde of criOitaleprocedure 1973, adesome persht w o knowneortunknown, has"cfimitoed >" off n e.


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